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Spectrum VoIP was feeling the pain of the Great Resignation. While they had incredible retention, they were growing rapidly and could not find the right people to fill their talent acquisition funnels.

That led to them reaching out to us. Priority #1 was a recruiting video that demonstrated what it’s like to work at Spectrum VoIP (a stellar, thriving tech company we might add).

Beyond that, however, we also wanted to highlight a few key areas of their business:

  1. Their Channel Partner Program
  2. An in-depth product demo
  3. A customer testimonial
  4. Photos

What We Created

  1. Video: Employee Recruitment
  2. Video: Channel Partner Program Overview
  3. Video: Product Demo Suite Overview
  4. Video: Customer Testimonial
  5. Bonus Video: Channel Partner History (This wasn’t originally contracted, but we included it because it was extra, relevant content that was captured during the shoot.)
  6. Photo: Facility photos and edits


The Videos