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Wes Young is the founder of the financial consulting firm Wes Young & Associates, which specializes in building profitable, sustainable business operations. In addition to working with his private clients, he serves on the board of advisors to some of the nation’s largest privately held companies.

He also has an established track record as a teacher, mentor, and educator to other financial planners.

He conducts a course multiple times per year that allows financial planners to deep-dive into his financial planning processes. Those live training are incredibly valuable, but Wes realized the opportunity to share his content in a scalable way through a stand-alone online course platform.

That led us to build Wes Young Live. Providing a turnkey solution, we did the online course development of media, editing, and PDF content design, as well as the entire online course platform, build on the website.

What We Created

  1. Website: Wes Young Live
  2. Course: What Do You Do
  3. Course: Normalize the New Mindset