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Brand Design & Identity

What It Is:

Your businesses’ long-term success is contingent upon your brand’s consistency across platforms. From packaging and logos to colors and fonts, it’s important that your customers can distinguish who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

When you think of a brand like Nike, there are elements of the brand that flood to your mind: 

  • The orange Nike swoosh
  • “Just Do It” 
  • Michael Jordan 

All of these connections and brand associations have to do with a carefully crafted brand identity. Brand design and identity are sometimes an afterthought for business owners, but to your customers they tell a story.

What We Do:

Our job is to help you piece together your brand by providing branding materials such as logos, colors, fonts, and sample email/social media campaigns. Our Red Twenty One team has lots of experience managing brands and would love to offer our expertise in whatever elements of brand design your brand is in need of.

Our Projects That Included Brand Design & Identity: