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Funnels & Lead Generation

What It Is:

A lead generating funnel is an ongoing process or system that is created to generate and foster leads. It’s important to reach targeted customers and lead them through the funnel to ultimately purchase your product or service. 

At Red Twenty One we categorize customers into 5 different stages:

The goal is to create systems that move “cold” customers (ones just aware of the brand) to being “hot” customers (ones that not only purchase but advocate and recommend the brand to others). 

What We Do:

Red Twenty One works with funnels everyday to bring in new customers for our clients. Our experience generating leads and taking customers through funnels allows us to understand the best practices for bringing customers from cold to hot.

Our Projects That Included Funnels & Lead Generation:

  • 2POOD
  • Sheepdog Response
  • Noble Defender
  • Kindfolk
  • The Coffee Scrub
  • Veta Nell
  • BeautyHive
  • Wes Young